Columbia University Libraries

When thinking of the Columbia University Libraries, think of the two iconic buildings that flank and anchor the Morningside Heights campus: Low Library to the north, and Butler Library to the south. No other college or university campus is defined so emphatically by its libraries.

Our libraries are central to Columbia; their architectural prominence reflects their place in the intellectual and cultural life of the Columbia community. In equal measure, the support of our alumni and friends gives us the resources necessary to acquire and preserve distinctive collections and to provide our students with an environment conducive to learning and exploration. Columbia's Libraries rank as one of the top five academic library systems in the nation. Your generosity will help us keep it so.

Become a Friend of the Libraries
Join other alumni and friends in supporting Libraries programs and events.

The Libraries sponsor a great lineup of public programs. Help us continue to bring the Columbia community quality programs taking books and research to a broader audience.

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Buy a new book
Honor or memorialize a loved one with a personalized bookplate.

A small gift can go a long way for a scholar in need of a particular resource.

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Save a book or document
Help us conserve and preserve our valuable collections.

Preserving the past for the present and the future is central to our mission. You can help us save history.

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Save our sound and video legacies
Migrate fragile tapes, films, discs, and other endangered media to digital preservation.

Audio and video preservation is costly and important. Older tapes and films were made with unstable materials and liable to decay. They urgently need to be migrated to digital files for long-term preservation. Save a song, a memoir, a documentary.

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Adopt a collection
Help us acquire unique groups of books and documents.

Opportunity knocks at unexpected times. We need to be prepared!

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Adopt a graduate intern
Help Columbia graduate students learn about primary sources.

Your gift can help better prepare future faculty for research into primary source materials.

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Adopt an electronic resource
Databases, journals, and indexes serve all disciplines at Columbia.

As entire fields and professions move more and more to digital knowledge and information, the need to provide access to these costly sources increases.

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Sponsor an oral history
Our Oral History program is the oldest and finest in America.

Columbia’s Oral History Research Office is the oldest and one of the best in the country. Help us continue to capture the memories and lives of distinguished politicians, cultural figures, and professionals.

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Digitize a special collection
Put some of our choice books, manuscripts, and archives on the web.

In the 21st century, it is crucial for our research resources to be available digitally on the web. Help us share our important rare and special materials with a global audience.

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Support educational technologies for teaching and learning
Help our staff bring new tools and resources to students and faculty.

Our Center for New Media Teaching and Learning needs your help and support to continue its vital work of developing new ways and new tools for the classroom.

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Endow a book fund
Endowed book funds guarantee support for our collections in all fields and areas.

Endowed book funds are the Libraries' insurance policies for the future. Create a named endowed fund with any gift of $50,000 or greater and guarantee that scholars in the future will continue to have access to the sources they need. Books and materials acquired through your gift will be bookplated with the name of your fund.

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Renovate spaces
There are many opportunities to update and upgrade work spaces for students.

While Butler Library has been renovated, many of our other libraries – especially the Avery and the Lehman libraries – are in need of improvements to better meet the needs of our students.

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Endow a librarian or curator
Our talented staff are expert in dozens of fields and specialties.

Our librarians and curators are links to the academic community in fields as diverse as Chinese Studies, architecture, music, and Classical studies. Endowing their positions allows us to deepen and enrichen communities of expertise at Columbia.

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