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The Arts at Columbia University

Columbia University’s rich arts programming and educational offerings have drawn students from all disciplines as well as visiting artists and audiences from around the world—and around the corner. To learn more about the innovative links between study and expression of the arts both on and off campus, click on a school or program below.


Columbia University offers one of the largest and most diverse athletics programs in the nation, with 31 men’s and women’s varsity teams competing at the highest intercollegiate level, NCAA Division I. Gifts from alumni, parents, and friends are critical to helping Columbia Athletics achieve excellence on par with the University’s outstanding academics.

College of Dental Medicine

The College of Dental Medicine aims to help the most talented students flourish, attract and retain internationally-known faculty, renovate clinical care facilities, transform the future of oral health through research, and, with unrestricted support, respond to the most pressing needs of students, faculty, and patients today.

College of Physicians and Surgeons

The College of Physicians and Surgeons (P&S) is one of the preeminent medical schools in the United States. The College’s legacy of superb education and training is enhanced and integrated with the sponsorship of leading-edge basic, clinical, and translational research, and the provision of outstanding patient care. Our benefactors are truly our partners in the advancement of medical education, scientific discovery, and new approaches to improve the health of our patients.

Columbia Business School

Business leaders today need to think on their feet, assimilate data quickly, seize opportunities, and understand and manage risk. An outstanding business school education must develop visionaries through a rigorous academic experience that successfully bridges theory and practice. Columbia Business School is poised to become the front-runner in this charge, starting with some natural advantages: cutting-edge faculty research, a focus on experiential learning, a powerful alumni network, and a location in the city of New York.

Columbia College

Columbia College is the Ivy League school on Broadway. As a small College in a large research university, it offers a wide range of majors, a nationally known Core Curriculum, an international city as an extended classroom, and a residential experience designed to enable students to learn extensively from each other. Assisted by its need-blind admissions and full-need financial aid policies, the College enrolls one of the most diverse student bodies among its peers.

Columbia Law School

Since 1858, Columbia Law School graduates have provided worldwide leadership—as heads of state, corporate counselors, academics, judges, and businesspeople. New York is an essential source of the School’s intellectual firepower, global vision, and pragmatic instincts, and affords unparalleled opportunities to prepare students for diverse careers.

Columbia University School of Nursing

Since its inception in 1892, Columbia University School of Nursing has been a national and international model of excellence in health care—in education, research, and clinical care. Today the School faces critical challenges. With the generosity of alumni and friends, the School will continue to advance the quality of health care by improving the its physical space, strengthening its financial aid program, and attracting and retaining top faculty members.

Columbia School of Social Work

Since 1898, the Columbia School of Social Work has been a leader in the education of professionals who make a difference locally and around the world. The School offers a master's and a doctoral program, which are nationally and internationally recognized for their excellence. With a signature curriculum that features multidisciplinary courses taught by leading scholars and practitioners and rich field education, CSSW continues to be at the forefront of preparing social work leaders to address a full range of contemporary social issues.

Earth Institute

The top, leading-edge center for the integrated study of the Earth, its environment, and society, the Earth Institute has leveraged the vast intellectual power of Columbia University’s faculty since 1996 to establish and nurture cross-disciplinary collaborations, actively addressing the world’s most complex economic, health, and environmental challenges.

The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science

Columbia Engineering offers world-class instruction within a major research university. Forging connections with Columbia's scientific, business, and policy resources, the School's faculty members work across disciplines, embrace innovative approaches to the world's most urgent needs, and conduct breakthrough research. Our students become leaders not only in engineering and technology, but also in business, economics, and public policy.

Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation

Developing new forms of professional, scholarly, technical, artistic, and ethical practice, the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation encourages all the disciplines devoted to the built environment to think differently. Help GSAPP transform the built environment by growing its faculty and recruiting the best students, advancing research in the field through interdisciplinary activities, and serving as the locus of professional debate in New York City through lectures, exhibitions, publications, and events.

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

GSAS is a hub of discovery across the disciplines, preparing graduate students for lifelong success in many careers and enhancing undergraduate education throughout campus. The support of alumni and friends for fellowships, the Teaching Center, and other critical initiatives will help ensure that some of the most talented students in the world continue to acquire the expertise and habits of mind essential for leadership, within academia and beyond.

Giving To Columbia University Libraries

Contributions to the Libraries enable Columbia to build on its tradition of academic excellence, and to retain its prominence as one of the top five academic research systems in North America. As the information landscape becomes ever more complex, the Columbia Libraries and their incredible staff have more than kept pace, creating new spaces for both digital and tangible resources and finding new ways to get them into the hands of our students, faculty, and visiting scholars.  This work is not simply accelerating traditional scholarly research—it is redefining what is possible.

Mailman School of Public Health

For over 85 years, the Mailman School of Public Health has been a leader in the field. Today, the School confronts critical issues such as infectious and environmental disease, health care for the uninsured, prevention of violence and teen pregnancy, preparedness for natural and human-made disasters, and treatment for mothers and children with HIV/AIDS in resource-poor countries. In addition to expanding student financial aid, faculty development, and programs, the School also needs to create facilities that match the extraordinary caliber of its departments, centers and programs.

School of General Studies

Gifts to Columbia’s School of General Studies help solidify its preeminence as one of the nation’s most innovative educational enterprises, a college designed specifically to meet the needs of nontraditional students. Through the generosity of alumni and friends, GS can continue to build its endowment for long-term stability and growth, serve the immediate needs of its outstanding students and faculty, and strengthen financial aid as well as other programs that greatly enhance academic life.

School of International and Public Affairs

For over sixty years, the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) has been dedicated to educating students about the complex forces that shape today’s world. Vital to SIPA’s education are recruiting deserving students, sustaining faculty research, and cultivating policy dialogue. As scholars, SIPA’s faculty, students and alumni work to understand the world. As practitioners, they act to change it.

School of Professional Studies

The School of Professional Studies at Columbia University is a resource for those who wish to take their lives in new directions. Our students are motivated, serious, academically oriented people who seek professional, personal, or academic development in subjects that range from the sciences to the humanities to the arts. The scope of the School extends far beyond evening classes for returning students.