Find Gift Opportunities by Strategic Direction

Below you can see a sampling of gifts across the University that will help Columbia move ahead in particular areas of planned growth. These are just a few of the ways you can support a specific school or program while building momentum University-wide.

Undergraduate Education
on campus, in the world

At the heart of Columbia’s mission is a commitment to undergraduate teaching and learning. By providing support for scholarships, student-life initiatives, and faculty in the Arts and Sciences, you create a better experience for students today—and more thoughtful leaders for tomorrow.

Nurturing Discovery
in the sciences and medicine

The scientific advances that change our world require space, equipment, and collaboration between top scientists. Help support Columbia’s research and teaching in the sciences and at the Medical Center and nurture the solutions of the 21st century.

Creativity and Exploration
in the arts

Help Columbia remain at the forefront of artistic and humanistic expression by providing space for reflection and experimentation, funds for visiting artists and lecturers, and a stable endowment as a solid foundation for beauty.

Broadening Access
financial aid for students in all schools

The unique character of Columbia’s intellectual community—diverse, engaged, spirited—requires a university filled with the brightest students, no matter what their financial status. Bolster Columbia’s lively conversations by ensuring that the University continues to attract brilliant, disparate minds.

Beyond Disciplines
in research and teaching

Answers for the next century will come not only from deeper inquiry within specific fields, but also by sharing information, perspectives, and approaches across the boundaries of traditional disciplines. Support Columbia’s efforts to develop new, collaborative ways of thinking and doing.

Urban Engagement
in New York and beyond

We are Columbia University in the City of New York. Embracing opportunities and addressing the challenges of cities is essential to Columbia's mission. Provide funding for initiatives that help faculty and students to study, experience, and contribute to the city—next door, beyond the Hudson, and around the world.

Meeting Global Challenges
through understanding and action

From promoting sustainable development to combating AIDS in Africa to transcending cultural barriers, Columbia can guide our changing world. Help the University build alliances overseas and welcome more students and faculty from abroad to meet the challenges of an interconnected world.