Our Commitment to


Nothing outweighs our commitment to bringing the best students to Columbia and encouraging their success here and in the future.

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Bringing the Best

For their sake and that of a world that urgently needs their talents, we look to bring the highest caliber of students to Columbia regardless of financial background. Scholarships, fellowships, internships, and other forms of financial aid help draw the world’s finest students. Each of Columbia's 16 schools sets student aid as a priority. 

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Young Scholars Who Might Just Change the World

Invigorated by the rigorous, humanities-based academic experience for which Columbia College is known, its students emerge from the 116th Street gates prepared to transform society and, with it, the world. College students are forged through the experience of the Core Curriculum, each honing a critical mind, a deliberate and thoughtful consciousness, and a sense of global connectedness that begins with immersion in an exceptionally diverse student body. Through a unique College campaign, Core to Commencement, we will provide rich, tangible experiences that prepare students for a rapidly changing world with a resiliency and holistic perspective that arms them for any opportunity they pursue.

Fostering Championship Performance

We position student-athletes to excel not only while at Columbia but for the rest of their lives. Columbia Athletics commits to providing one of the most supportive athletics programs in the Ivy League. We hire and retain coaches and staff who are expert educators, mentors, and leaders as we promote consistent competitive success. Student-athletes can connect to mentorship and professional opportunities through internships and job placements in Columbia’s unparalleled New York City location. To ensure all 31 varsity sports continue to thrive, support projects like the Campbell Championship Fund, honoring the late Bill Campbell '62CC, champion and longtime advocate of Athletics.