Just Societies Highlights - June 2020

June 2020   Columbia Just Societies Highlights
Columbia Scholars Respond to Anti-Black Racism
Professors Frank Guridy, Wilmot James, and Charles V. Hamilton share their perspectives on anti-Black violence, public anger, and the history of protest. Learn more.
University Life Forum on Black Lives Matter, Protest, and Creating Change
The Office of University Life hosted a June 11 panel on racial injustice with faculty across Columbia, including Associate Professor of Social Work Courtney Cogburn and Professor of Sociomedical Sciences Robert Fullilove. Watch the webinar and see anti-racism resources.


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We All Can Lead: Finding Our Own Roles in Creating Change

On June 23 at 7PM EST, the Black Alumni Council will host a discussion about anti-Black violence, systemic racism, and police brutality as well as the recent Black Lives Matter protests. Open to all (alumni and non-alumni). A recording will also be online a few days after.
Justice and Equity News at Columbia

Check out justice articles, faculty books, related centers, and events from across Columbia on this page. Books include sociologist Bruce Western's Homeward: Life in the Year After Prison.

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How You Can Help

Through Columbia's Center for Justice, apply to mentor formerly incarcerated people, helping them sharpen resume-writing and computer skills.

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Raising Strong Sexual Citizens

Columbia Magazine interviews two social scientists about their groundbreaking research on consent, power, and assault on Columbia's campus.

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NYC Subway Data Shows Communities of Color Carry Burden of Essential Work and COVID-19

Researchers at Columbia and Boston University found that NYC's most disadvantaged communities, who are already at high risk of COVID-19, are at even greater risk because of their commutes as essential workers.

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