How is artificial intelligence helping fight climate change?


Thanks to revolutions in the collection, storage, and analysis of data, artificial intelligence (AI) is more powerful than ever before. AI can now quickly discern patterns that humans cannot. Because of this potential, AI has become referred to as a “game changer” for environmental issues. AI can help assess climate patterns quickly and efficiently, making predictions and responsive policy decisions easier and more effective in defending against hazards of climate change.

AI has already helped farmers in India get higher crop yields by assessing timetables for preparing the land, applying fertilizer, and choosing sowing dates. In Norway, AI helped create an autonomous electric grid, integrating more renewable energy.

AI has also helped researchers achieve near-perfect accuracy in identifying tropical cyclones, weather fronts, and atmospheric rivers, the latter of which can cause heavy precipitation and are often hard for humans to identify on their own. By improving weather forecasts, these types of programs can help keep people safe.

Learn more about how AI is being used in everything from improving transportation to protecting our oceans.


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