How can the Columbia Journalism Review help meet journalism's greatest challenges?


With the rise of fake news and media distrust, journalistic principles like accountability are challenged daily and rapidly. The Columbia Journalism Review (CJR), a media watchdog and advocate, is one of the most respected voices on press criticism. With fast-turn analysis and deep reporting, its leadership among journalists is more critical than ever.

“CJR is the leading global voice on journalism news and commentary,” said Kyle Pope, editor-in-chief and publisher of CJR. “Right now, the challenge that journalism is facing is unlike anything I have ever seen, so we have a huge stress on our resources.”

CJR is not just for journalists, but also for everyone who believes a healthy press is essential to a healthy democracy. “Our place at Columbia University—our connection to students and faculty—gives us a voice that other outlets don’t have,” said Pope.


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