Our Campaign

Our Campaign

The Columbia Commitment


Committed to Impact

The Columbia Commitment is the best opportunity yet to join in the life-changing work of faculty, students, and alumni across all Columbia schools.

  • Ideas and Impact

    Turning Knowledge Into Action
  • 360° Thinking

    Across Disciplines, Across Borders
  • With the World

    Leading through Partnership



The Columbia Commitment is more than a commitment to the University. It is a renewal of our bonds with the world and our shared future.

Lee C. Bollinger

University-Wide Commitments

Our Commitment to


Leading us forward

Our Commitment to

End of Campaign

Our Commitment to

Arts and Ideas

Creating possibilities

Our Commitment to

COVID-19 Recovery

Curtailing the spread of COVID-19

Our Commitment to

Climate Response

Advancing science and solutions

Our Commitment to

Data and Society

Data for good

Our Commitment to

The Future of Neuroscience

Transforming our understanding and treatment of mind and brain

Our Commitment to

Global Solutions

Thinking and acting in an interconnected world

Our Commitment to

Just Societies

Striving for a fair world

Our Commitment to

Precision Medicine

Individualizing care, starting with genomics

Our Commitment to


Defining Columbia's strengths